Brys City Noida

 Brys City is the newest launched commercial project by Brys Group. Knowledge Park IV Greater Noida the location of the project is strategically located in the heart of Greater Noida which is surrounded by the major residential and commercial areas of the city. Delta one and two are having close vicinity to the project as well as Jaitpur and Eta 1 also. All of the major parts of the city as well as other nearby cities are well connected to this location by roads. Noida city Center metro station is only 30 min drive far from here and transport facilities are also available on these roads for 24*7. The proposal of DMRC has been cleared by UP government in Greater Noida area. So in future this location will be well connected to all parts of NCR.  This area is one of the most demanding areas in NCR which is full of residential and commercial projects. This area has numerous qualities which attract the people from each and every corner in Delhi NCR. Greater Noida Knowledge Park IV is running parallel to fully developed Noida sectors. There are already many schools colleges and hospitals in this area.

Brys City is offering its customers IT, commercial spaces and retail spaces, villas and studio apartments. These spaces are well surrounded by greenery and world class facilities and amenities. One of the most reputed architecture of the world has designed this project that each of the things which a commercial and residential space offering project need will be available next to the door. Brys City has been given the most beautiful architectural view that gives you well peace of mind. All of the essential objects of modern day’s people have been planted here like courts of indoor games, grand entrance gate, CCTV secured gate, individual parking space and swimming pool etc. These facilities and amenities insure you to spend quality time with your family, friend and loved ones.

Brys group, a reputed name in real estate market of India, is developing Brys City Noida. This group is famous for its world class innovative projects. Brys Buzz was the last project which this group delivered, that shows the creativity and will power of this group. Future focused employees and their will power has taken this name in best real estate developing companies. These employees have proved that the will power can take you on the top position and can make the world know about you and your group.

Supertech Romano Sector 118 Noida by Supertech Limited

Everyone will have listened about the beauty and architecture of ancient Rome, Which was known for beauty and decorated construction of house. Everyone has a dream to be there because these decorated houses and beauty give extra peace of mind. One of the most prestigious realty developing companies of India Supertech Limited is giving you a golden chance to feel like being in Rome in its newest residential project, Supertech Romano. This projects has been designed same as the buildings of Rome and given the most beautiful look which will make you feel like being in a residence in Rome.

Supertech is developing Supertech Romano in the largest planned city of not only India but also Asia, Noida. Noida sector 118 is the prestigious location which is having the construction of this most prestigious residential project. In terms of location this project is located at the easiest accessible place. All the major parts of the city and NCR are well connected to this location by roads.  Entire means of transportation are available on these roads 24*7.  Anyone can easily travel in all parts of the city without any inconvenience. After some years this project is going to get easiest connectivity links of Metro which will connect this location to entire NCR and also directly connect to Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Supertech Romano Noida Sector 118 is offering you 2/3/4 BHK apartments inside low rising towers having 5 floors only. These apartments are having world class amenities and luxuries facilities that will give a luxuries life style. Entire architecture has been same as Rome and the houses, doors and windows have been designed to give extra beauty to your residence. Entire project is being developed on the marvelous size of land 17 acres in which only 35% of land is going to hold construction and remaining is going to have greenery.

Along with beautiful construction nature has also been kept in mind and entire features have been planted that will take care of nature. Rain water harvesting facilities have been planted here and greenery is the most important thing that gives you entire relaxation of life and natural environment. Supertech is also the most beneficial real estate developing company for investors. All the projects which this group has developed have given healthy return to the investors and Supertech Romano Noida has entire better features that will attract the buyers and investors will get better return.

Mist Avenue Festival City offers Retail Shops with world class infrastructure

 After tasting the grand success of Grand Venezia, Bhasin Group has once again launched mixed residential and commercial project in Noida Sector 143, Mist Avenue. This is one of the most prominent locations in Noida. Yamuna expressway and FNG provides best accessible facility to the location and connects to Noida, Delhi and Ghaziabad. Mist Avenue is having both types of offering related to residential and commercial and the sizes of these types of offering are 1000 sq yd for villas and 500 sq ft for commercial office. These sizes are being offered to the customers on the price of 3499 per sq ft. This project is full of world class facilities and amenities.

Mist Avenue Festival city is emerging as India’s largest market place in Noida sector with world class design and architecture. India largest musical fountain is increasing the beauty of this work place. This fountain has been designed same as the fountain of Las Vegas and Dubai. On the first floor of the towers 24 restaurants are strategically located with terrace have been provided for the people who are coming for hangouts on this place. This is going to be the place for hangout for the people and on this most beautiful location.

The Merits of Investment in Real Estate in Noida

Owning property isn’t always easy, but there are plenty of perks.
 Buying real estate in Noida is about more than just finding a place to call home. Investing in real estate has become tremendously popular over the last fifty years and has become a common investment vehicle. The real estate market has plenty of opportunities for making big gains and we shall explore the benefits in details.

Investment in Noida real estate actually means to purchase property to achieve profits. The profits are comparatively more than other kinds of investment. It can be investing in condominiums, luxury apartments, commercial property, pre construction real estate and pre launched projects. The profits depend on the locations you choose.

 The advantages can be listed as:
 Appreciation: - The majority invests to gain profit on short term, long term basis. The long you invest for, the more the profit. In short, in real estate investment you always should be looking forward for good opportunities to invest.

 Rental income:-This is the cream for the ones who do investment in Real Estate. People who are looking for long term investment generally do not want to sell of their properties. They take the advantage of the situation to get an additional benefit out of it. The rent money acts to make the investors financially sound for further investments. In this scenario, the cost of the property also increases, plus you enjoy the periodical benefits of the rental.

 Location: - There is a section that likes or rather they look forward for investment in real estate at one of the most known locations with enormously expensive rates only of taking the advantage of the importance of the location. As in they would invest in Khan Market or Peddar Road than to invest in Shalimar Bagh or Sion.

Most Excellent Source of Investment: - Investment in Noida real estate is the best source of investment, if you are looking forward to invest in various sectors such as trading, manufacturing, education and obviously real estate. People with a vision usually prefer to go for investment in real estate as it is considered to be the safest of all the mentioned options. The benefits of investment in real estate will definitely get you more returns without much labour as compared to other sources.

Value Addition: - One of the important benefits of investment in real estate in Noida. If a person takes over an old property which can be a single or double storey and reconstruct it into a skyscraper, multi-storey building, he can earn limitless benefits of investment in real estate by selling the floors at extravagant prices.

Some Best and Affordable projects is also available for good investment in Noida such as Bulland Calisto | Prabhuprem Gennex City | Lotus Park Greens  | Ajnara Le Garden |

Noida Extension in the fast track of realty development

Noida Extension part of Greater Noida (part of the state of Uttar Pradesh) has come under the realty radar. The four sectors which comprise of the Noida Extension are governed by the Greater Noida Development Authority. This area was essentially dedicated to affordable homes but things are starting to change now. Noida Extension will be transformed into a new residential hub in the National Capital Region. Several new projects are launched in the area getting a good response from residents in and around Noida Extension. The Dadri Main Road connecting Noida Extension provides better connectivity along with the upcoming expansion of the metro in the National Capital Region. The area is mostly occupied by small scale and medium scale industries. In terms of social infrastructure, the area has a good stronghold with a number of entertainment avenues.

In the year 2011 we saw 2.5 lakh homes launched here out of which 1.5 lakh homes were bought in the pre constructions stage itself. The construction work came to an abrupt halt with the farmer protesting on land acquisition issues. However this has been resolved now. Property in Noida Extension turned out to be a good investment option after all.

“The housing demand in Noida Extension is going to be very high after National Capital Region Planning Board (NCRPB) approval, while supply is very weak. Prices are bound to increase because of various factors such as hike in compensation to farmers and rising input cost. Prices were Rs. 2,100-2,200 a sq ft in this region last year. Now we expect the same to go up to about Rs. 2,600 per sq. ft. “Amrapali Chairman, Anil Sharma told PTI.

However if you look at flats for sale in Noida, they do not fall under the affordable housing bracket anymore. With the increase in land acquisition cost and construction cost including cost of raw material in the recent past, builders are struggling to deliver the dream of affordable housing to the common man. "We were selling homes at Rs. 2,300 per sq ft in May last year when farmers protest started on land acquisition issue. Now, we will launch projects at Rs. 3,200 per sq ft in Noida Extension," R K Arora said, Chairman Supertech said to NDTV Profit.

"This area has been considered as region of affordable homes. Lot of burden has to be borne by the developers. So there will be little bit of price increase," JLL India CEO (Operations) Santosh Kumar said to NDTV Profit. With the steady increase in demand, prices of property in Noida Extension are said to go up. This will further affect the current scenario including the purchasing power of an individual.

Today Noida Extension is planned by the development authorities in such a manner that it has become a haven for urban dweller. The prices are still comparatively lower compared to the rest of the National Capital Region. Following the PPP Model – Public Private Partnership, the development authorities need to chart out future infrastructure developments here.

Get the Best of Luxury and Comfort Both

Rich families expect the best of luxury and comfort while buying an apartment. They want to buy a house for its location, latest architectural design and exquisite interior designing etc. Noida has become home to some of the most influential families in the country. Rich and famous want to buy a house in Noida. It has turned out to be one of the happening towns in the country.
Real estate companies have started ambitious projects in the area. They know they are dealing with families who've been to different parts of the world. They didn't have a choice but to raise the standards to the next level. You would find the best luxury apartments in Noida.

Why buying apartments in Noida is a better investment option?
When people buy a house, they expect to live in it for a lifetime. The second option is that they would sell it after a couple of years and move to a retirement house in some other part of the country. They want to spend the later years of life in a quiet place. In both the cases, buying an apartment in Noida would prove to be the right investment. You can expect maximum return on it.

There are other markets offering great packages. It must be mentioned that investors do not invest in the business model alone. They look at the growth opportunities in town. This is what makes them a top investor or investing firm in the market.

Do luxury apartments in Noida worth the price?
Families looking to buy apartments should compare Noida with other popular real estate markets in the country. You should not compare the prices alone. Noida offers more scope for industrial growth than any other town. It has its own unique advantages of sharing the boundary with the national capital of India, New Delhi. It offers unlimited opportunities to the buyers.

Luxury apartments offer the best value on money in Noida. Top real estate companies are offering customized residential solutions to buyers. You would not find better luxury homes anywhere else. These companies have joined hands with top architecture and interior designing agencies to offer unique living experience. This is the best time to buy an apartment as property rates are stable. You can get a better deal and save some extra money in the process.

Families prefer buying luxury apartments in Noida over other markets. It offers better value for money and world-class residential solutions in one package.

Here is the list of some best projects in noida according to the writer please visit Morpheus Pratiksha | Wave City Center | Prabhuprem GenNex City |Truvae Fragrance.

Handy Tips for Noida Properties Investors

Nowadays, Noida is exceedingly booming in real estate market. But the real estate market changes time to time. However, there are some tips, which might help you to guide for easy and better investment. By following these tips, you will be able to have higher profit through your investment.

Noida Real estate market is a very large market. Every year numerous builders launch their new projects and offer you a variety of properties. Those people who are planning to buy a new property in Noida just wait for a write time. Always buy property when the price is low and sell it when the price is going up. While you're planning you must set in your mind that the property you are going to invest in is either residential property or commercial property.

Now the question which comes in our mind that why should we invest in Noida property.

Infrastructural Advantages
As we can see the improvement in Noida infrastructure for last few years. The Noida authorities have a number of plans for infrastructure development, some of them have been implemented and while others will be fully implemented, then no doubt say that the attractiveness of this area will definitely enhance.

In Noida, Numerous residential and commercial properties are available. If you are planning to buy property then first set in your mind the budget and type of property in which you want to invest. However, as demand of property is very higher than the price will be higher but still Noida offer several new properties that will definitely fulfill your requirement and fit in your budget.

Key builders and projects
Every year several new projects are launched in Noida keeping in mind all the essential needs of the public. The prominent builders like DLF, Unitech and Amarpali etc. are coming up in Noida to offer all luxury properties with outstanding amenities. These projects offer a number of two- and three-BHK apartments with marvelous facilities for the buyers.

If you want to put your property for rent or sell it later for profit than always consider the market situation. However, the rates for both residential and commercial properties will be different depending on the trends in real estate market. All these tips will help you from making any wrong move. As you know more about the real estate market and the strategies the better the chances of spending huge profits on it.
On this matter, you can take help from advisors and consultants to make decision safe and for good investments. But still if you are hiring any such agent or advisor, some background knowledge is needed on your part to make decisions better.

Here is the list of some best projects in noida according to the writer please visit Morpheus Pratiksha
Wave City Center | Prabhuprem GenNex City |Truvae Fragrance.